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“The transportation sector in Egypt is one of the most essential axes of development, where the progress of countries is measured by their interest to provide means of transportation. Transportation services are closely linked to the comprehensive development of any country; It is one of the important pillars of the country’s infrastructure, and through it, the requirements of economic, urban and social development flow from areas of production to areas of consumption.
Over the past years The Egyptian government, represented by the Ministry of Transport has been able to implement many projects in the various fields of transportation, within the framework of the interest that the political leadership attaches to developing the transportation system in Egypt according to the latest global technological systems, to provide distinguished service to the Egyptian citizen in the fields of roads, railways and subways, And sea ports. In addition to a new government legislation was passed allowing semi-governmental entities such as the Egyptian Railways Company to issue bonds, which would increase the volume of investment.
-The Egyptian state also gives special importance to the transport sector projects within its ambitious strategy to provide and integrate various transportation networks and means to serve the comprehensive development process and achieve a balance between social, economic and environmental requirements, in addition to achieving a breakthrough in the level of services provided to citizens, providing the highest safety and security standards, as well as facilitating The movement of commercial transport and stimulating the investment environment, which can be seen into the implementation of a number of important and mega projects in transportation sector in accordance with the latest international standards and advanced technologies.
The transport sector in Egypt has witnessed great achievements and huge projects since June 2014, and the transport projects aimed to make a breakthrough in this important vital field by creating and activating the multimedia transport system, Which connects the various means of transport, whether for passengers or goods, and transport projects aimed at expanding road and bridges networks, developing and renewing all elements of the railway system, developing the subway and adding more lines with international specifications to achieve ease of traffic in Greater Cairo.
Improving the transport system in Egypt will contribute to increasing the volume of trade with international markets and linking production and export areas. To achieve these goals, we must increase the participation rate of private investments in implementing projects in this important sector.​”




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