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What makes your product unique?

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- جهد التشغيل: حتى 1000 ﭭولت - جهد العزل: 1000 ﭭولت - معدل التيار: حتى 6000 أمبير - تيار قصر الدائرة: 70 كيلو أمبير - التردد: 50/60 هرتز


– مادة التصنيع: صاج مسحوب على البارد سمك 1.5/2 مم – معالجة السطح: معالجة ضد الصدأ وطلاء ببودرة الإيبوكسي بطريقة الدهان الإلكتروستاتيكي – اللون: RAL 7035 – درجة الحماية: IP54 – التركيب: توضع على الأرض


The DP panel is Deeb’s latest development on previous models of floor-standing panels. More compact and light weight than its predecessors the FSP and Type A, it is our modular flagship line of enclosures suitable for all applications: main/sub-distribution, final distribution, phase correction, ATS, synchronization, power factor and motor-control centers. It has a high degree of system modularity, meaning that the electrical installation protection, control, technical management & monitoring functions are integrated in the same switchboard. It also simplifies maintenance, operation and upgrading. This type of panels is suitable for large industrial areas. It can accommodate all types of electrical components and affords top or bottom cable entry.
– Material: 1.5/2mm gauge cold-rolled sheet steel
– Surface Treatment : Anti-corrosion coating, texture, thermal polymerized polyester-epoxy powder
– Color: RAL 7035
– Degree of Protection: IP54
– Mounting: Floor standing
– Rated Operating Voltage: Up to 1,000 V
– Rated Insulation Voltage: 1,000 V
– Rated Current: Up to 6000 Amperes
– Short-time Withstand Capacity: 70 KA
– Frequency: 50/60 Hz