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What makes your product unique?

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need raw material importers, and need to reach more customers

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Plastic sacks 25kg

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Parameters Specification Bloom & Viscosity 200-220 gm 43-45 m.poise 180-200 gm 40-42 m.poise 150-160 gm 38-40 m.poise 100-140 gm 33-36 m.poise Moisture Not more than 14% Ash Content Not more than 2% ph 5-6 Arsenic Not more than1 mg/k gm Lead Not more than1.5 mg/k gm Cadmium Not more than0.5 mg/k gm Mercury Not more than0.15 mg/k gm So2 Not more than 40 p.p.m Appearance Gelatin Powder Mesh 20- 40 Color Faint Yellow Color Solubitity Not soluble in cold water but swells and soften then soluble when heat till 60C forming jelly on cooling insoluble in organic solvent soluble in acetic acid Validity 3 years from Production Date


Gelatin is a unique natural versatile substance and easy to use, Based on these unique properties of gelatin it can be considered as one of the most essential and useful materials as food ingredient and in the producing of food industries such as: (Sweets – Jelly – Marshmallow – Juice – Bakery – Jam- Canned Meat and Fish – Yogurt – Dairy Products – Ice Cream – Chocolate Filling – Beef).