Establishment of gardens and preservation of landscapes

Supplying all kinds of indoor and outdoor ornamental plants and making flower beds:

  • Inspecting the place and the site to be established and choosing the suitable and appropriate plants by specialized agronomists. Making a full conception of what will be implemented on paper (a sketch work).

Cultivation of landscapes with the finest types of grass and their arrangements:

  • Where the land is completely leveled and fertilizers are placed to nourish the grass and show it aesthetically.

Carry out fertilization, maintenance and care for all types of plants (trees – shrubs – palms – green areas – Flower beds).

  • Fertilization programs are developed by agronomists – Maintenance of all trees where the trees are trimmed and cut inside the site as well as the tree fence surrounding the site – arranging flower beds with the appropriate colors that are compatible with the design and the customer’s taste.

Carry out insect and fungus control works by using pesticides and fungicides depending on the type and size of the infection by specialized agronomists.

  • Periodic follow-up, maintenance and identification of places with pest and fungal infections and early control before the infection aggravates.

Establishment and maintenance of all types of irrigation networks (electric networks and manual networks) using the finest materials to appear properly and give an aesthetic appearance to the site established.

  • Establishment of all irrigation networks for all sites (electric networks and manual networks with periodic maintenance) by network specialists.

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El-Nasr Company for Services and Maintenance