Security and Guarding Services

Queen Service provides security and guarding services to secure and protect public and private facilities such as (agencies, institutions, hospitals, universities, factories and many other areas) at the level of the Republic and provides qualified and trained security personnel for security and guarding works, as well as the equipment and tools necessary to provide this service on the highest level.

Devices and equipment used in the security process:

    • Metal Detectors.
    • Rubber Baton.
  • Security Cameras.
    • Wireless Communication Devices.
  • Provide a sound pistol according to the type of mission and the customer’s request.

Our distinguishing points:

    • Punctuality .
    • Using the latest equipment and tools necessary for the security process.
  • Good handling of emergency security situations.
    • Trained Security personnel for security and guarding.
    • Accomplishing the assigned tasks quickly and accurately.
  • Good treatment of customers and visitors .

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